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Box Office Xpress, the world's first Windows ticketing system, started out over 12 years ago as a program that was best suited for small theatres, schools and other types of similar-sized venues. Over the years, it has evolved into an extremely stable, rich program that is widely used by theatres, schools, museums, and the theatrical and athletic departments at colleges and universities.

When it became time to create a more feature rich product that would be more suitable to much larger venues, Box Office Xpress was renamed Box Office Xpress Junior. At the end of 1999, a brand new ticketing system was released that carried the Box Office Xpress name. This new program was re-designed entirely from the ground up.

Although the user interface is sometimes similar, it is worth clarifying that Box Office Xpress Junior is not a feature-reduced version of Box Office Xpress. These are two completely independent programs.


What's the most noticeable difference between Box Office Xpress and Box Office Xpress Junior?

Depending on your priorities, perhaps the most noticeable difference is how reserved seating is handled. You create your seating layouts in BOX Jr using sections of up to 600 seats per section. This is in a 30 seat (across) by 20 row (deep) layout. You can still create as many sections as you want. BOX, on the other hand, has no realistic restrictions on the number of seats per section.

Learn more about Box Office Xpress by visiting the Box Office Xpress website ... www.boxofficexpress.com

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